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As a FINfluencer, my biggest goal is to inspire my followers to make good money decisions by sharing financial awareness. 


My target is to have Malaysians take control of their finances starting with personal budgeting.

Empowering Women


I started my career as a Takaful agent in 2007. The experience of meeting clients gave me a lot of input and ideas on how to manage finances for all ages.


Despite having an engineering degree from Japan, I am more inclined to finance. Now I have a takaful license, unit trust, estate planning and MR Shares and currently in the process of completing Certified Financial Planner CFP under FPAM. 

On social media, I share about everything from personal budgeting, mindful spending, cash flow management, risk management, estate planning all the way to crypto investment.

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The Cashflow Edit

I kept getting so many direct messages asking advice about personal finances so in 2021 I published my first planner and budget workbook, Cashflow Edit.


I believe with proper education and awareness, everyone has the ability to strengthen their personal finances with the right habits and tools.


Version 2 of my planner and budget workbook called Money Matters. The 3rd version comes with further upgrades in content and quality, makes the Brilliant Budget Planner a must have tool to master your finances in 2023.

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