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First thing first: What is Wahed?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Wahed is a robo-advisor that helps invest your money into Shariah-compliant investments.

What differentiates Wahed from other robo-advisors is that they are the first company that has received an Islamic Robo Advisory license from the Malaysian Securities Commission.

As such, Wahed also takes up an important role in fulfilling the Malaysian Muslim community that is looking for an investment platform that is aligned with their values of life.

*For readers who are unclear, Shariah-compliant investments are investments governed by the requirements of Shariah law and the principles of the Muslim religion.

Read more kat this blog:

Swipe pictures untuk tengok my own personal opinion on RAIZ Vs Wahed.

Saya invest both, RAIZ for small investment weekly RM20/monday.

Wahed saya letak RM100 & akan invest guna extra lebihan gaji setiap bulan.


Use my referral code untuk dapat RM10

To claim your free reward make sure you use this referral code when you sign up: NAFBIN1

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