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New GYM Savings Spreadsheet

Updated: Jun 13

Introducing our GYM (Grow Your Money) Spreadsheet. Simple spreadsheet to track sinking funds, savings & visually see your money tree grow.

Sesuai untuk yang nak monitor savings sahaja.

This is what you get when you purchase our Grow Your Money (GYM) spreadsheet. Please slide right to see more 🤩💰

What’s inside our Grow Your Money (GYM) spreadsheet 🤩💰

How to use our GYM (Grow Your Money) Spreadsheet

A Google account (free) is required to use this template. Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to your digital file, which will direct you to Google Spreadsheet.

Open link in Google Spreadsheet - make a copy - once copy has been made, you should be able to edit the file - you can rename your personal copy if you want to.

Our savings spreadsheet is designed to be beautiful and easy to use. The idea is to "plant a money tree" by saving and tracking your sinking funds progress. 

As you keep up with your savings, you'll see your sapling grow into a money tree! How many money tree can you grow in a month? That's a fun way to track your progress.

Works on Google Sheet only, NO EXCEL

Track sinking fund progress anda guna TCE GYM spreadsheet ni - boleh tengok berapa berjaya simpan, baki, berapa bulan lagi nak capai target 🎯

Mudah je, key in data terus auto calculate & generate chart 😍📊

Ini pulak perbezaan antara GYM Savings Spreadsheet dengan TCE Budget Spreadsheet.

Anda guna yang mana satu? 🤔 Budget spreadsheet atau GYM spreadsheet?

Yang penting semua spreadsheet kami mudah je, key in data terus auto calculate & generate chart 😍

Read about our Budget Spreadsheet here.

Ini antara contoh 15 sinking funds yang paling kerap orang buat/simpan 👇🏻🧡

Tugas sinking fund ni yang bestnya ⤵️

Simpan simpan simpan... tiba masa nya..

ENJOYYY! Spend the money! 🥳🥳

Selalu rasa macam susah nak savings kan? Jom ubah mindset, baiki cara urus cashflow anda mampu mengubahnya ✅

Read more about Sinking Fund here

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